About Us

Roxboro Baptist Church has a wonderful heritage dating back to its founding on March 12, 1882, when thirteen men and women gathered to organize themselves into a Baptist church. Through generations of active member participation and gifted pastoral leadership, God has blessed this church body, and we praise him for the grace he has extended to us. We celebrate this legacy as we currently serve in His kingdom and look forward to an exciting future.

With more than 500 active members, Roxboro Baptist Church is a congregation alive with vibrant opportunities for people of all ages to grow in their relationship with God and to find meaningful ways to serve our community and our world. All are invited to join us as we strive to be the living Body of Christ, growing in faith, and engaging the world with the gospel message!


What We Believe


Roxboro Baptist Church is committed to historic Baptist principles. Although we share a broad spectrum of theological perspectives, we are united in the following beliefs:

Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior
We believe in Jesus Christ as the incarnate Son of God, who by the Holy Spirit was born of the Virgin Mary, through whom we have deliverance from sin and death and the promise of eternal life.

The Authority of the Holy Scriptures
We believe in the scriptures as contained in the Old and New Testaments as the inspired word of God, sufficient for both faith and practice. We believe the Bible under the Lordship of Christ, is central in the life of the individual and the church.

Priesthood of the Believer
We believe in the freedom and right of every Christian to interpret and apply scripture under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. We affirm the freedom and responsibility of every person to relate directly to God without the imposition of creed, the control of clergy or the interference of government.


Autonomy of the Church
We believe that Baptist churches are free, under the Lordship of Christ and guidance of the Holy Spirit, to determine their membership and leadership, to order their worship and work, to ordain whomever they perceive to be gifted for ministry, and to participate, as they deem appropriate, in the larger Body of Christ.

Believer’s Baptism
We believe that baptism is to be administered upon a person’s profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.

Freedom of Religion
We believe in the freedom of religion, the freedom for religion, and the freedom from religion. We affirm religious freedom for all people and the separation of church and state.