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Missions 2018

RED SPRINGS (April 19-21, 2018)

A team from our church traveled to the Robeson County area to perform light construction, maintenance work on low-income housing and prepare for future church food needs.


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Missions 2016


GUATEMALA (June 18-25, 2016)

We had a great return trip to The Good Shepherd Center in Xela, Guatemala with Roger and Vicki Grossman. Through North Carolina Baptist Men, we were able to partner with these missionaries and help their ministry with the native Quiche people to bring them the hope of Christ! Their onsite medical clinic was restocked with medical needs, their retreat for youth was fully fed and supported, and the center's various building projects were attended to with the utmost care. We also had the opportunity to work in the local Cantel village to help their church with street evenagelism. We are thankful and blessed to serve alongside such a beautiful, Spirit-led ministy.


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